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Full Copyright Notice is displayed on opening page. In addition -All O’Doule Portrait Shoots & Created Images are the sole copyright and intellectual property of O’Doule Photography.
In order to protect this copyright and to ensure the best atmosphere and conditions during the Portrait shoot - it is a condition that there are no mobile phones or cameras of any kind present at any time for the duration of the Portrait shoot.


O’Doule will advise on clothes and appearance - normally done during final consultation, where location, Portrait style, Portrait size , Portrait finish, timing, finance etc are all finalised.


Every aspect and every stage of O’Doule - The Art Of Portraiture, is full guaranteed. The Finished O’Doule Signature Style wall Portrait, carries a lifetime guarantee and is designed to be displayed, enjoyed, admired and treasured, for many generations to come. A true and precious family heirloom.

 The Portrait:  

 ‘A Fine Art Wall Portrait’ is what we create. It is a finished and framed piece of wall Art, which is created, using our unique style, our unique lighting & backgrounds, in our unique indoor & outdoor location, all of which is the result of many years of passion, dedication and International experience.
'O Doule Fine Art Portraits' are not Supplied in any other form.
Extra portraits for family and friends are supplied in a variety of sizes but in exactly the same way ie framed and finished.

We do not supply our ‘Portrait images’, either on paper or on disc.